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Portugal could not be a better place for our last project meeting:
Relaxing, Sunny, Friendly
The country is living through a full recovery from the crushing financial crisis, and looking to a bright future by investing in education and research.
In the traditional city of Braga close to Guimaraes, considered as the birthplace of Portugal, and a 40 minutes drive away from Porto, a financial centre in the Northern part of the country, we got in touch with more informal participants of the project.

Our partner EGC Cooperativa cultural and part of RUTIS, a net of autonomous units of learning for seniors citizens organised an afternoon conference about the research done in Portugal in the area of Learning Games.
The interest in the use of games in learning processes is what connects this cooperative to the project. They participated in the testing process of their games and shared conclusions and results.

What has been achieved up to now

As an exchange of good practices project, we have established clear communication channels among the members providing room for further development.

  1. We discussed contents and results which we will share with other members of the Education community.
  2. We are attracting attention towards the issue "Learning games in adult education."
  3. For the coming months, the task is to prepare the presentation of results and findings. We are looking forward to that!